God Hates Our Worship

Have you ever wondered what God thinks about our worship? Across America millions of Christians get up every Sunday morning to meet with their churches and praise God. Does our worship actually please Him?

I was reading through Isaiah this morning and came across a passage where God states that he hates the worship of his people. The reason for this hatred is that the people had gotten very good at the ritualistic aspects of worship while being void of any authenticity. Simply put they went through the motions of religion with out ever worshiping God. God’s displeasure did not end there. He was upset with his people because they claimed to love him and yet lived lives completely contrary to that outside the church.

I am scared that we are not all that different from the church in Isaiah’s day. Across America we meet as churches completely disengaged from the God we say we are worshiping. On top of that we often leave the church to go and live lives completely disengaged from Him as well.

What keeps God at this moment from just opening up the earth and swallowing our churches who practice this hypocrisy week after week. I believe God is gracious to us because though we make a mockery of church, we are covered by the blood of His son. As Christians God does not judge us by how good we are, but instead we are judged by how good His Son is. We can worship as hypocritical men because we are covered by the only man, Jesus Christ, who is without sin.

This Sunday as you worship come and engage. Come with the full appreciation that your worship is worthless, but God has provided the way to make it worthwhile.

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