I Love Me Some Me

Every week without fail we as a church look at the same idea, “It’s not about you, It’s not about me, It’s all about Jesus.” As a pastor there is no greater thrill for me than stepping up on the stage and presenting God’s word. The great challenge for me while speaking is to make sure that I am not being all about me.

I fall in the “me” trap in any number of ways. I know that God has placed a vision on my heart for what He wants to happen in our church, but I fall in the me trap when I begin using sermons primarily to push any agenda. I know I fall into the me trap when I use the sermon to elevate me, paint myself in a certain light or speak in such a way to garner compliments from people.

As a Christian my call is to not be about me. It is to be about God and other people. When I preach every week I ask myself in preparation, “am I advancing my agenda or am I advancing God’s agenda?” I ask “am I building myself up in this sermon or am I building my congregation up?”

Today it is my heart and my goal to live for God and live for other people. Will you join me in this goal? Will you make today a day where you live you God and others?

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