Saying Goodbye To Duncan, Oklahoma

We sold our house!!!!! Last week Jenn and I traveled back to Duncan to sign the closing papers and be done with our house. Over the past 6 months we had been through 3 contracts, bumps, frustrations and disappointments, but we are officially done. The house is sold.

We decided to go back to Duncan to sign in person because we wanted to have a bit of closure on that chapter of our lives. I have to tell you, traveling back to Duncan I was nervous. I don’t know why, just was.

As we were driving into town the strangest feeling came upon me. I was completely familiar with the town but it no longer carried the feeling of home that it once did. The same held true with our house. We walked in the front door. Memories came flooding back of first steps and fun nights. I looked at the wall where we measured our girls. In all of this though, it didn’t feel like home. For me it was a vacant piece of property that once was close to me. It was not home anymore.

As a preacher I sermonize everything (my poor family). In our former house I leaned over to Jenn and asked her if this was what the world was supposed to feel like once we trust Jesus. I wondered if this world becomes a place that is familiar but just not home. Sure we look around at all of the memories we have of family and friends, but at the end of the day we know that it is a vacant place and our true home is somewhere else.

Saying goodbye was a joyous time. We had our moments of sadness as well. At the end of the day we drove out of town. Why? Duncan, Oklahoma was no longer our home. This past week we finally gave up our last claim residency there.

For all of us who have trusted Jesus, we have a home in the heavens built for us. This world should become to all of us a familiar place that is no longer home. Where is your home?

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