How Would You Answer?

What if today when you open your mailbox there was a blank check waiting for you with a note that says “get what ever you want the most.”? What would you get? I have a number of things that come to my mind right away. Would I get a fancy car, pay off my mortgage, pay for the cancer treatment of a friend close to me, maybe even pay off the building loan at the church? At the end of the day I would probably end up taking the money and using it on whatever made me the happiest.

This week I have been studying and thinking through Jesus’ call to his first disciples. In the book of John the first words that we hear Jesus speak are “What are you seeking?”. In 30 ad I’m guessing the standard answers would be freedom from Rome, one of many who had walked over Israel in that time period. Perhaps the disciples would have wanted an easier life, modern electricity or even a commercial fishing boat. Their answer though should come as a bit of a shock. They answered “Teacher, where are you staying?”. When asked what they wanted, the first disciples answered that they wanted Jesus.

At the deepest point of our hearts do we want Jesus? I think about the old Billy Graham Crusade song, I rather have Jesus than silver or gold, I’d rather be His than have riches untold. What do you long for more than anything else? What would you get with God’s blank check? What are you seeking? If it is not Jesus Christ then you have short hanged yourself.

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