VBS Is Not For Sissies!

My greatest lesson at VBS is that I am no longer 19 years old. About half way trough the week I had an idea. I thought it would be fun to go out with the kids and mix it up with them in recreation. I played everything with them from capture the flag to dodge ball to freeze tag. I knew the price I would pay soon after VBS as my muscles creaked and screened as if I had just run a full marathon.

It wasn’t to long ago that I was scared to let my guard down and mix it up with kids. I remember at my first two churches the desperate desire to want to be seen as a mature pastor. I avoided any and all activities that might have made me look juvenile in the slightest. Funny enough, when my body could have handled the wear and tear of dodge ball, I was too concerned with looking older.

The older I get, the less concerned I am with how people see me. I have come to realize that VBS is my one week that I get to be pastor to our kids specifically and that means that I need to connect with them. I don’t know if I looked like a teenager or not playing dodgeball, but I do know that I got to love on kids.

Much of ministry is meeting people where they are. It requires getting over what your are comfortable with and joining people in what they care about. As a pastor I play dominoes with our seniors and dodgeball with our kids. Why? I love both our seniors and our kids. The best chance for me to know them is to play hang out with them.

Today my legs are screaming, but it is a price well worth it.

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