What The Kids Taught Me

I saw a commercial for another church a few days back. The commercial shows the various events of the church with the pastor speaking in the background. As it concludes the pastor says “I believe that church should be the most fun place you go all week. I also believe that church should be the most challenging place you go all week” I like that.

This past week our church has been overrun with kids. VBS has been awesome. What I have loved the most is seeing the energy that kids bring to church. When we read scripture, the kids scream the verse of the week. From the moment kids show up to the moment they leave they are excited about what we are doing.

I think back to what Jesus said, “whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” As adults we take ourselves far more seriously than we should. To often we as adults we look at the excitement of kids and try to squelch it because it doesn’t seem reverent or it doesn’t seem proper. I know I struggle with it. When my girls try to start dancing in a service, I tell them to stop because that’s not the way we behave in church. What if God at that moment was trying to teach me to worship from my daughter?

I wonder what church would be like if we as adults came with the same innocent excitement that we have seen this week from the kids. Perhaps VBS is a school for the adults to remember how to approach God as a child.

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