A Blog Written From Camp

It was an ambush! I had just sat down admits our volunteers when out of nowhere the questions began. It felt much like my ordinations council, question after question whose answers always ended the same, one day we will know fully, but now we just can’t understand completely. Joking aside, I am glad for friends in this church who don’t run from the hard to understand ideas of scripture, but instead want to study and figure them out.

We tackled the question of how man could both have free will and be predestined. We talked about why we pray when God’s will is perfect. After the deluge of deep questions was done a simple and practical question came forward. It was the question of how we accomplish youth ministry when our kids have so many other activities calling for their attention.

Sitting in the circle was mostly parents of young children. We had two exceptions to the norm, one was a man whose children are now leaders in the church and the other was a mom of several of our teenagers. Up until this point I had done my best to share from my knowledge. From these two folks came true wisdom.

Their response was that the foundations of faith did not come from the programs of the church they came from home. Our mom expressed that her children’s love for the church was a direct result of both her husband’s and her own love for the church. Our parent of grown kids expressed much of the same idea.

As I am writing this, I am sitting on the porch of our Falls Creek cabin. It hits me that we have made the wrong things the major things for our kids. The hope of these kids is not in the mountain top experience they get while at camp. The hope of these kids is their parents loving Jesus and leading them to do the same.

When we come home in a few days our kids will be excited, but as the emotion of the week wears off what he greatest witness that these kids will have will be their parents. Parents, your kid’s faith does not sit primarily on the shoulders of the church, it sits on yours.

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