The 20/80 Rule

God has given the church a task far greater than it can in it’s own power accomplish. Its task is simple, to reach the world for Jesus Christ. Every church approaches this great task differently but at the end of the day we often share the same struggles.

Back in Oklahoma I used to have coffee once a week with a group of young pastors. We sat in the hospital’s cafeteria and shared what we had learned and what we struggled with. One of the great problems we all had was the lack of people willing to step up and serve in ministry. It’s the old adage 20% of people do 80% of the work. I know from my own heart I would secretly judge the 80% who weren’t doing much. I would think, “don’t these people want to see this ministry succeed?”, or “why don’t these people care as much as me?” Yes I know, I need the worlds smallest fiddle to play me a really sad song.

As noble as I would want to paint myself, I struggled from the opposite end as well. When a ministry event would come upon the calendar that wasn’t my brain child, I would pout saying “we have so much going on already, doesn’t the church realize people need time with their families?” I held quite a double standard.

I had an epiphany this past week. While talking with the leadership of my current church about the 20/80 struggle it hit me. Every person in the church is a volunteer. This means that every hour they give the church is bonus. Some people give and give generously of their time and efforts. Others give what they can because of family obligations and work. At the end of the day though, every hour given to the church is an hour given to the Lord. To our volunteers thanks.

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