I Exist To Replace Myself

Wow it has been a busy month! For my daily readers I apologize for the inconsistency of my updates. I am hoping for a bit of normal in the next few weeks. (whatever normal is)

The month of June was jam packed with church creeping over to the month of July. In the span on 1 month we had VBS, a wedding, the Southern (Great Commission) Baptist Convention, youth camp, and youth search committee all while we were putting an offer down on a house, packing, closing and fully moving into what I hope is our long term home.

It has been a great month!

In this month I think I have missed half the Sundays from my pulpit. I don’t like giving up my pulpit, especially two Sundays so close together. Why do it then? I have expressed earlier how I am learning to be a pastor in a larger church. One of the drawbacks of moving to a church that has more than 85-100 people is that no matter how hard you work to get to know people it is impossible to know everyone. That said I am very intentional with my time attempting to place myself with as many church members as I can.

The month of June was all about getting to know both our kids and teenagers. I probably see these two groups the fewest as they are in AWANAS and youth group on Wednesday nights. I have learned that being pastor to these groups in our church requires me taking time away from my normal to step into their world.

During VBS I had my secretary mark me as out of town for appointments so that I could give my time to hanging out and becoming pastor to our kids. I also went with our students to youth camp. My goal in my ministry is not that I would be a stuffy pastor lecturing every week from the pulpit, but instead I would be a friend opening God’s word in the pulpit. I can only become a friend by spending time with our kids and youth.

One of the goals every mature church member must have is attempting to replace themselves. When we look at our kids and our youth we see our replacements. Jesus said that children are most welcome before him because the kingdom of God belongs to them. For the church to be successful we must realize the high call of investing in, raising up and equipping both our teenagers and our kids. They are our future deacons, teachers and pastors.

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