Worshiping Approval

I have an idol in my life. It’s one that I have worshiped for years. My idol is one that I have attempted to paint in righteousness. My idol is the approval of men. What is that you ask? Deep down I believe that if I follow God, do my job as a pastor then people will like me. I have somehow convinced myself that if I follow God I will never have any enemies and will always have friends.

Here is the problem with this line of logic: it’s not biblical. The bible never says that if I follow God life would be easy. What scripture communicates is that if I follow God people will treat me like they treat Him. That hurts though.

Certainly Jesus had His friends, but he had a generous helping of enemies as well. I guess for me I am realizing on a regular basis that we follow Jesus not to a life of comfort but instead to a life of meaning. There is a difference.

God has placed on my heart a desire to love established congregations and help them return to God’s mission. Most churches are quite content to remain stale and comfortable. God does not want a comfortable church, He wants a church on mission.

Ideally everybody wants to be apart of a church that is on mission, in reality most people are content with a church that keeps them comfortable. I have learned that as the church steps out on mission some people will react because they love being in a church that does little.

Now to my idol, I have a choice in my leadership, either to lead God’s church to a place of comfort or to a place of obedience. I can lead it to please people or to please God. If I lead it towards obedience I know I will not please everybody.

Do I exist to please God or do I exist to please man? To follow God I know I must destroy my idol. I must get over myself and my desire to be liked.

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