Beyond Shallow Faith

I’m an early riser. Life generally starts somewhere between 4:00 am and 5:00 am every day. I wake up, run, study devotionally and then spend a few hours in sermon preparation before heading into the office. The highlight of every morning though is not found on my run or in a book. The highlight of my morning is when my girls wake up. I hear the faint stirs from their rooms, listen as their doors open and finally see them as they emerge. Most likely I’m in my recliner with a book and one of my girls will crawl up into it and sit as I read. Life is good.

This morning I was reading and getting ready for my sermon in the Genesis is about Jesus bible study. While reading chapter 22 my heart sank as I emotionally grasped what God required of Abraham. He wanted him to take his son, his only son, the son which he had longed and waited for and sacrifice him. Abraham in faith followed the call of God and showed his willingness to give God what he loved the most. In the end God provided a ram to stand in Isaac’s place.

It seems that the call of faith for most of us is a very shallow call. Walk an isle, prayer a prayer, admit you are a sinner and your done. When you look at scripture’s most prominent example, Abraham, God demanded a much greater faith. While he was in UR Abraham’s faith was seen in obedience. When God demanded Isaac’s life Abraham’s faith was seen in obedience. Our obedience to God won’t save us, but obedience serves as evidence that we have genuine faith.

When we trust God he wants more than just intellectual agreement of his existence. Faith is more than just thinking that God is real. Faith is trusting God to the degree that you would do whatever he calls you to do, even if it costs you everything.

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