Sinning Self Righteously

Growing up I had parents who never gave me much room to build my testimony. They made sure I was in at a reasonable hour. They taught me scripture. They taught me about Jesus. They even made sure I saw the importance of church. I guess what I am trying to say is that my parents raised me in a Christian home.

When you hear professional speakers you always hear about their drugs, sleeping around, and debauchery. Many times I have left these moments thinking, you know I’m not that bad of a person. I’ve never done any of those vile acts.

In recent days I have come to a new understanding about sin. Our traditional understanding is that sin is doing anything like lying, cheating, and stealing. I have learned that we also have a tendency to sin towards self righteousness. What is that you ask? It is being a Pharisee. It is building your life on your good works.

I saw a term a few years back that I decided to use for myself. It is Recovering Pharisee. Deep down I know that I show blatant disregard for God by attempting to establish my own system of good works.

What scares me is that when you see Jesus interact with the blatant sinners and the self righteous sinners, he shows compassion to the blatant and chides the self righteous.

Every man is a sinner. Some sin in rejecting the laws of God while others sin by attempting to fulfill God’s law with out Jesus.

Where do you land? What do you struggle with?

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