You Look Like Your Daddy!

Happy Birthday Ana!!!! Today is my sweet daughter’s 6thbirthday! We celebrated this big day by taking Ana to Chuck E Cheese. While digging into our pizza Ana began to entertain us with a story. As she began talking I had an epiphany. What I saw talking with arms in full motion was a mirror image of myself. Ana was born with my charming good looks. She was born with a personality that matches mine.What I saw today is that even in communicating a thought, this little girl is me.
Over the past few days I have been wrestling with what being “born again” means. I know very few people who do not claim that title. Born again has taken on a colloquialism that I don’t ever think was intended from Jesus.
My   daughter is the spitting image of me. She has my name, my personality and even my mannerisms. She resembles her father.
When we say that we are  born again we are claiming a new father. In this we take his name, we take his personality and we even take his mannerisms. Jesus says in scripture that you will know a person by their fruit. I guess another way of saying it would be that you can tell a person’s daddy by their personality. If a person acts like a Jesus then they probably belong to him, if they don’t then he’s probably not.
How do you take on this new Father? First, no person can birth themselves. To a large degree every baby is passive in the birthing process. It must be understood that it is God who works in conversion. It is God who changes the heart. It is God who gives new life. Secondly every man is called to respond to God’s work. Over and over in scripture the question comes up, what must I do to be saved. The answer is simple, believe (whole heartedly) in Jesus Christ. Finally, if your new birth is genuine, then you will begin to look and act like your new father.
We know you look like your father. The question is, who is your daddy?

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