Being A Baby

Every year on my girls birthdays we have the same discussion. My little inquisitive girls look at Jenn and myself and ask us, what was I like when I was a baby? We tell Ana that she looked like a sea turtle, that she was rather fussy and that was always sort of small. For Em we tell her that she always smiled, loved her sister from day one and was the only white baby in the Japanese hospital.

It takes me back. Our girls are so much easier these days. I don’t have to manually feed them, don’t have to change their diapers. I don’t even have to obsessively watch them play making sure they don’t swallow one of their toys. (full disclosure, I changed very few diapers, thanks Jenn). Today my girls are quite independent, more so in their own minds. When they were babies they were completely dependent. Without Jenn and I providing their basic needs our children could not make it.

I’m continuing to chew on what it means to be born again. I guess when you are born again you become a baby all over. I not talking about literally, instead we become babies spiritually. We come to God completely dependent on Him. With out God feeding us his word, we would starve. With our God’s Spirit we could not breath. Truth be told unless God changes us we would sit in our filth.

Many of us look at conversion as self help. We think I’m on my way, I’ll get God to help me get there. When you are born again you cease to exist. You die to yourself and are born in a new life to Jesus Christ. That means any independence you have is given up so that you might have a complete dependence on Jesus Christ. You become a baby.

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