Scripture And Tolerance

It scares me how rapidly the worldview of our country is changing. In recent days our society has villainized virtues that 5 years ago it used to honor. It seems that those who stand by God’s word have been made into bad guys and those who reject it have become our heroes. Tolerance has taken a higher place than truth. What scares me most of all is how quickly Christians and churches will gladly trade the truth of God’s word for a watered down, culturally acceptable version.

I’ve been working through what it means to be born again this past week in my study and here on my blog. One conclusion that I have come to is when a person is born again they accept God’s word and God’s values as they are stated.

It’s popular in this day to say “I love Jesus but I don’t love the church.” or “I love Jesus but I don’t agree with everything the bible says.” It seems to be the hip thing to hold to a watered down, culturally relevant worldview which denies the parts of scripture that are hard to accept.

For me if every word of the bible is not true then the whole of scripture must be thrown out completely. If we can’t believe scripture when it talks about family order, homosexuality, God’s judgement or Christ as the only way then what use is any of it. We must believe all of it or none of it.

When a person is born again they die to themselves and their sins and rise in a new life founded by the Spirit of God who gives life. When this happens your new life is founded to love the things God loves and reject the ways of life that God rejects. I don’t think you can know God and gladly accept things that He clearly states are sin. Jesus says that our love for Him will be shown by our obedience to him. 1 John states that our salvation is shown by living for God’s commandments.

For my friends who claim Christ and deny parts of his word in the name of tolerance, come back. At this moment the fruit of your belief shows that your faith is not genuine because you love the values and the ways of the world more than the values and the ways of Christ. Christ and his word may not be popular, but they are are divine.

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