What I Forgot This Week

Church was over, there we sat in a booth at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I was exhausted. Sunday’s are long days for me on a regular basis. This Sunday I seemed especially tired. The past week had been especially long. We had hosted both sets of our parents celebrated our girls birthdays, worked, and this weekend I gave my two days off to spend with our seniors on Friday and our youth on Saturday. I was out of gas.

Next to me in our booth was my daughter Emma. As the meal progressed Emma kept moving closer and closer to me. She hung on my arm as I tried to lift it to put food in my mouth. She climbed all over me. In all of this I finally got tired and asked my sweet kid to please sit on her side of the booth. I was tired after all.

It was at this moment that my wife who understood completely what had happened looked at me and told me, “Wes, she hasn’t seen you all week. She just really misses you.” Jenn was right, even in my girls birthday week I had taken lunches with my girls but wasn’t around much beyond that.

I’m learning how to balance my time. I want to put my heart completely into what ever task I have in front of me. The problem is whenever I am wholeheartedly serving the church, I am half heartedly serving my family. What’s the solution? I don’t know. I do know that I owe more to my kids.

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