Christianity Is Not A Routine

This morning was my typical routine. I ran. I read my bible. It is a very typical

morning. While praying it hit me, I had just finished reading a passage on the death of Jesus Christ and I just read it. My heart did not leap for joy, I did not get goose bumps, I simply read it. There have been times when the thoughts of the cross lead me to want to cheer, but it was not this morning. This morning I simply read it.

For a few weeks I have been working though on Sunday mornings the difference between knowing of God and knowing God. This morning was a classic example of knowing about God. I have made it my practice since I was 16 to read the bible through every year. In this time I have come to know the text of scripture well. I have come to know it so well that often I glaze over it never contemplating nor digesting it’s meaning. When I study God’s word like this I know about God, but have done little to know God.

Knowing about God versus knowing Him translates to how you live for Him. When you simply know about God you live your life without passion for him. When it’s about what you know, you will lack a zeal for evangelism, a heart for of humility and a dependence for God. When you know God, he affects you. When you know God, personally, you will want to tell others about him for nothing could quench that fire. When you know God, personally, you will gladly defer any credit because you know the depravity you have been saved from. When you know God, personally, you depend on his leading and power to get through the day.

I know my struggles. This morning my prayer was simple. It was for God to help me grasp the wonder of the cross again.

Have you been there? Have you read scripture where it seems dry and it fails to move you? Let me encourage you, you are not alone. God desires to move mightily in our lives… We must come humbly before God asking for Him to make his cross matter in our lives again and then for him to stoke the fires of our salvation so that our lives are lived in a relationship with God.

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