Mitt Romney Is Not Jesus. Barack Obama Is Not Jesus.

Mitt Romney is not Jesus. Barack Obama is not Jesus either. Politics is not the gospel and the hope of America will not be found in a voting booth.

There are so many things that we as men use to replace Jesus. There are so many causes that men will buy into to replace the gospel. As Americans one of the biggest traps we fall into is believing that politics will make us a Christian nation. We think if we elect the right man or woman to office then we can pass laws to bring America back to God.

The great fault with this line of thinking is that no law can justify the heart. Truth be told as the people of America have grown farther and farther away from God we have attempted to preserve a bygone day through the voting booth. What this has done is that it has polarized our nation and crippled the Christian message. How? When the message of the gospel is so intertwined with politics people see Christianity more as a political movement than a community of faith.

Should we just not vote in November? Absolutely not. We should vote. As Christians we are called to protect those who can’t protect themselves. Every day 3500 babies are murdered through the practice of abortion. We should do everything we can to protect this group who has NO ONE to speak for them.

We should vote to protect the unborn while understanding that politics will not change the hearts of our nation. Moralizing our nation through laws will not make us a Christian nation again. What will make us a Christian nation? What will bring the people of America back to God? Only the gospel can change the heart.

Think about the passion that we have for politics. You can’t walk into a donut shop in the mornings with out seeing men argue over the direction of our country. You can’t turn on the news with out seeing the latest mud being slung at another candidate. What if we took the passion we had for politics and turned it into a passion for Jesus and the gospel. What if we chose to have gospel conversations instead of political discussions. When we become as passionate about the gospel as we are about politics we will begin to see our nation transformed.

It is at this point when the Good news of Jesus Christ becomes our center that we will see our nation changed. It won’t be changed from the top down. People don’t follow political policy. Political policy follows people. As people are changed to reflect the image of Jesus Christ our nation will be changed as well.

Politics are a poor replacement for the gospel. A politician is a poor replacement for Jesus. Only the gospel can change the heart and only Jesus can save the soul.

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