What My Kids Saw At The Astros Game

Last night my family and I went to an Astros game compliments of one of the sweet ladies in my church. We had a great time. Jenn and I decided before we got there that we were going to give our girls the full experience. We bought the souvenirs, got them dinner, even bought them ice cream served in miniature baseball hats.

As game time arrived we sat in our seats. They were awesome seats, One section to the first base side of home plate twenty two rows up. These were the best seats I have ever sat in for a baseball game. The game was good, 6-5 with extra innings. I wish I could tell you one name of an Astro I saw, but the team traded away pretty much everyone I knew.

As we were driving home I asked my girls “what was your favorite part of the game?” I could think of a few, the home run, the stollen base. Ana my oldest piped in immediately, “I liked when they played a video of a cat being ticketed.” Yes, the highlight of my daughter’s experience was a video played on the jumbotron of a cat being tickled. Emma got a little closer to the game, “I liked when the train moved.” Minute Maid Park has a train that moves every time a home run gets hit. I wonder if my girls even noticed that a baseball gave was even being played.

This morning while preparing my heart for a day of worship the thought hit me, how often do we do the same things with corporate worship. Every Sunday we should come in humility to offer our hearts and our voices in song to God. Every Sunday the word of God is opened and taught. I wonder as another Sunday is recapped around lunch tables, how many people caught the main event, and how many get lost in the side shows.

It has happened to all of us, we get focused on how some on treated us, how someone is dressed or even what gossip presents itself. It’s not that hard, we get distracted by the temperature of the air, whether we like the beat of the music or why the pastor wore the same shirt two weeks in a row. Truth is, it is extremely easy to get distracted in church and miss God, worship and his Word completely.

As you sit around lunch today, ask yourself this question, what did I focus on in church today? Was I distracted? Did I miss God?

I hope you have a worshipful Sunday focused on God and his unchanging Word.

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