David Platt Is Good, Jesus Is Better

Who doesn’t like mail? This past Sunday morning I came into my office to find a box from Amazon. Hurray!!! I had ordered 3 books the previous week with super saver shipping and was elated to find them earlier than expected on my table. I had ordered a new John Maxwell book, an Ed Stezer book, and a book that compared dispensational theology with covenantal theology (yes, I am a dork). Two of the books I set aside to read later, while I packed the longest (500+ pages) in my bag for a relaxing reading at home. I’ll let you guess what I read to relax with.

As I woke this morning I knocked out another run and sat down to study. I rushed through my Bible reading and prayer so that I could get to my new book. As I was reading the last few verses of the story of the prodigal son my heart sank. My desires had finally been caught by my conscience, and I realized my mistake. I had hurried through God’s divine word so that I could get to some man’s word. Fail.

Settling for a man’s word when we could have God’s word is a temptation that we all have. We do this in any number of ways. I will drive for hours so that I can see one of my preaching heroes open up the Bible. I spend hours each week reading the blogs of leaders in the Christian world. I will sit enthralled by the newest Christian book. That said, I don’t remember the last time I drove for hours to find solitude with God and his word. I rarely sit at night choosing the bread of life over a TV show.

As people we can fall into a clever form of idolatry that may seem on the outside as righteous, but inside is empty and void. It is the worship of men. Just to clarify, it is not wrong to read, listen to, and go and see the great men of the faith. It only becomes wrong when our hearts are stirred more by their words than by God’s. We fall into the trap of worshiping men like David Platt, Henry Blackaby, Rick Warren, Francis Chan, or Matt Chandler, and just so my ladies don’t feel left out Beth Moore, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, or Kay Arthur. All of these men and women can contribute to our growth as believers, but they must not be our primary source of growth as believers. They are the dinner roll next to the steak of God’s word.

What are you feasting on today – are you feasting on man’s words or are your feasting on God’s word?


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