My Blood Pressure

Last Thursday I had a physical done for our church’s insurance. I have not always been the healthiest person in the world so I was a bit nervous. The last time I had been inside a doctor’s office I had been given an ultimatum, either lower your blood pressure through diet and exercise or go on medicine. Yes, it was that bad. This time was different. Since my last visit to a doctor I have run many races from 5ks to marathons. Even with that, though, I was still quite nervous for my results.

For this insurance company, they actually sent a nurse to my office to poke and prod me. She weighed me, asked me about a hundred questions and then finally took my blood pressure. 98/58. Thats right, thank you running, my blood pressure was awesome!

This past Sunday I was bragging to one of my friends at church about how I could possibly be one of the healthiest preachers in the SBC. He responded back that health in his eyes was a prerequisite for preaching the gospel. He stated “How could a man lead you towards godliness if he didn’t take care of his own temple.” I had never thought of health from that point of view.

As a preacher I know my struggles. I deal with a great amount of stress on a daily basis, I generally have 2 or 3 meetings a week over fried food of some sort, and I spend most of my work day either sitting in conversation or sitting in front of my computer working on a sermon. My job lends itself to a sedentary lifestyle. This past year I went to the Southern Baptist Convention. At the SBC I saw many men who just let themselves go.

Every morning I am faced with a choice, I can either enjoy that extra hour of sleep, or I can go out and take care of my body. My heart wants to please God in everything. I want to honor Him with my body, mind and soul.

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