Are We "One Nation Under God"?

There are a few things I have learned not to touch as a pastor. I do not touch money, air conditioners or politics. I do not touch money nor know how much people give so that I am above reproach. I do not mess with air conditioners because any change will leave someone hot and someone cold. Lastly I do not touch politics because I believe that politics is an easy distraction that often replaces the gospel work in churches. For me, I want my main message to be about the gospel not about my support for a political party.

Does my stance on politics mean that I do not care what happens in our country? Absolutely not. I am gravely worried about moral and spiritual direction of our country.

Last night I turned on the news to watch the highlights of the Democratic National Convention. I was astounded by several things I saw. What shocked me the most was the raw emotion of people as they reacted to speakers and points of belief in the convention.

I believe last night we saw the direction our country is headed regarding faith and family.

The convention opened last night by amending the official party platform to add God and Jerusalem back in. I don’t know if it was oversight, or purposeful that it was left out, but after much pressure and politics the DNC added it back not out of conscience but because they didn’t want to lose the average man’s vote. The speaker brought the motion to the floor where he needed a 2/3 voice majority. He took the vote three times, and all three provided the same solution, a split vote. Though leaving it out would have been political suicide, the delegates expressed their opinions. After the third vote, which from television seemed like a tie vote, the moderator exclaimed that the motion had passed and God would be added to the parties official platform.

What happened next was what shocked me. The convention hall filled with boos as delegates expressed their outrage. They were unhappy that their vote was not taken seriously and unhappy with the amendment. The common theme that filled the headlines from CNN to twitter was that God was booed at the DNC.

The other major event that shocked me was Sandra Fluke’s speech. Throughout her speech she defended the ability of a woman to choose life or death for an unborn child. Throughout her speech men and women cheered a philosophy that seeks freedom to work as a greater ethic than freedom to life. Over and over abortion was celebrated.

Why am I breaking my rule, jumping knee deep into politics? I’m breaking my rule because expressing outrage over sin is biblical and sounding the alarm for our country is necessary.

Our country has been and always will be a nation under God. That said, we are a nation under God not because we were founded that way or because of our voting. We are a nation under God because every nation sits under the authority of God. The Bible clearly communicates that there is no authority that is not given by God and God alone. For us, our question is not whether God is on our platform, it is whether we are apart God’s platform.

Last night I taught our Wednesday group that there is punishment for sin. We will face a reckoning for the actions of our country. In the book of Romans Paul paints the picture of modern day America. He shows how the sins that America is approving politically are detestable to God. He states “Though they know God’s decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.” When the murder of the unborn is celebrated in our country, our country is steps from the wrath of God.

We have a choice. We can either willingly repent and turn back to God, or we will be forced to turn back as we face the wrath of a holy God. Our nation will always be under the authority of God, the question for us is whether it will be in joy or under compulsion.

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