A Brutal Summer

This morning I woke up to the most pleasant of surprises, the cold front that was promised to us actually showed up. I traded running in the mid 80s at 4:00 in the morning to running in the low 70s. I am grateful for the cooler weather.

This past summer has been brutal. From running to just leaving the house the weather has been the lethal combination of hot and humid. Most mornings when I have gone out to run I have come back as drenched as if I had been caught in a rain shower. The only problem is, it didn’t rain. I have noticed that my drinking (water) habits have changed as well this summer. Before I run, I drink roughly 2 cups of water and when I get back I run to our fridge to get more. It’s hot and humid in Houston Texas.

This morning at church we are going to look at a passage where Jesus makes an odd assertion about himself. He says that he is the water that will never leave us thirsty. Sitting here post run with my oversized Astros mug filled with water, I want water that will never leave me thirsty. In my runs I don’t struggle for for breath or or leg strength, I struggle for thirst. Is Jesus really offering the fountain of youth? Is he offering a marathoners dream?

What is Jesus offering you and I in giving us water that will quench our thirst? The direct context shows Jesus talking to a woman with a less than stellar reputation. A woman who dealt with the judgmental stares of other by simply avoiding them altogether and going to the community well at a time when no other person would be there.

Jesus saw the pain and guilt that she was living with. He knew how her heart longed to be healed. He knew that she felt buried under her sin and guilt. When Jesus offered the the woman at the well a drink of living water, he was offering her what she thirsted for the most, an escape from the sin of her broken life. He was offering her a new life not defined by her old one.

One of my favorite passages in all of scripture is when Jesus says “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Every man is born and lives his life enslaved to sin. In this we all attempt to fix our sin in some way shape or form. For the woman at the well, she avoided the judgmental eyes of others. For many of us we simply mask our sins and pretend to be more righteous than we actually are. Deep down, no matter how we try to deal with our sin, we thirst for a life free from it.

Jesus wants to remove the burden of sin for you. He wants to remove the heavy burden of self righteousness from you. He wants to satisfy your thirst for of a life free from your previous transgressions. He does this by replacement. He replaces you as the boss of your heart. He takes the yoke of sin and self righteousness from you and places the yoke of himself on you. He takes the water of fixing yourself that will not quench and gives you Himself.

Do you thirst for a life that is not dictated by your past? Do you desire to be free from the never ending pursuit of trying to fix yourself. Give up! Today go and drink from the savior who will quench. Take off the yoke of you and take on the Christ.

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