What’s Wrong With Going To Church?

Good Sunday morning! I have to tell you, this is my favorite day of the week. Sundays are the days I plan and live for every week. Sundays are the days I get to preach and proclaim the message of redemption loud and clear. Sundays are the days when I get to visit with my friends. On Sundays, I get to go to church.

This past week I have been studying and preparing a sermon about the woman at the well who Jesus leads to trust by faith. Jesus leads her to faith and then calls her out of the sin she was enslaved to. Her immediate response to Jesus’ call of conviction was to point out the mountain that she worshiped on. Her response to Jesus seems out of place and strange, but at its core reveals much about this woman. Much like you and me she used religion as a false god to try to solve a sin problem that only Christ would forgive.

Today throughout our country many people will go to church. They will performs their religious duties and then go home. The mistake of the woman at the well is that she thought worship was something to go to, not something to live out. We do the same thing. We relegate God’s worship to a single day of the week to be kept in a religious building.

God never intended us to go to church. He intended us to be the church. Our worship of Him was never meant to be a once a week affair, but instead our worship of Jesus Christ should be the all encompassing passion of our lives built upon His finished work, not our religious duties.

Today I am going to to be and be with the church. As a body we are going to hear the word, but worship won’t end as the final prayer is prayed. Worship really begins as the church moves out of our building.

Don’t go to church, be the church.

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