Why I Will Never Play In The NBA

I have decided to make a change in my life. I just feel it’s time for a career change. Yes, I, Wes Faulk, have decided to take my talents to the NBA and become center for any team that would need my services. Wait…. that would work if I was athletic, could shoot a basketball, and was roughly a foot and a half taller. I better stick to my day job.

As a child, my parents told me that I could grow up to be any thing I wanted to be, but in all honesty, that is a bit of a stretch. More accurately, my potential was limited to who I am. As a 5 foot 8 inch white guy, the NBA was most likely not in my future. That said, I grew up the son of a parachurch minister. As God called me to preach, speaking came naturally because I had grown up under my father who spoke on a regular basis. To a large degree I excelled in the strengths I was born into.

Last night our church took a HUGE step towards dreaming a new dream for our future. We started the process of determining a vision for our church. Truth be told, our church can’t be any church we want to be. Why? For the same reason a 5 foot 8 slow, white guy can’t play in the NBA. Our church can dream as long as our dream is rooted in who we are. Last night I challenged our Church Unity Team not to look forward yet but instead to look at who we are now. We will look forward, but our vision must be built in reality.

Last night our Church Unity Team determined the 6 values that define our church body. In unity they agreed that preaching and teaching, worship, prayer, fellowship, stewardship, and valuing all people were the core ideals of our church. They also set two values that we agreed do not define us yet but that we would strive for, evangelism and obedience to Jesus.

Our church unity team has a long way to go. They laid the foundation last night. In the future they will look to define the mission of the church and then build a vision for the future rooted in our values and driven by our mission.

I am excited about the days ahead at Memorial Baptist. We are taking steps to dream about tomorrow for our church.

Just as a note to our members: If you are curious about what’s happening in our process of dreaming, find a member of the church unity team and ask them about it. God has big things in store for us as a church. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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