Top Ten Tuesdays: Why You Don’t Share Your Faith

This week I am going to try something new. I would like to produce a weekly “top 10” list that connects directly with what we will be talking about Sunday morning.
Top 10 reasons you don’t share your faith.
10. You are so busy; you have little time for people.
9. You are yellow bellied.
8. Your life doesn’t match your words.
7. You don’t want it to make your relationships weird.
6. You just plain forget.
5. You think that’s what the professionals are for.
4. You are too busy talking politics.
3. You believe in “lifestyle evangelism”
2. You don’t feel equipped.
1. You faith matters that little. 
No matter which excuse you use, God’s call and your greatest joy will be in sharing your faith. Will you tell someone about Jesus today? 

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