What Ruined My Morning Run

I thrive in consistency. Every morning is a picture of that. I wake up at about 4 am, go run, read my bible, study, write, get cleaned up, and go to work. It is how I have learned to deal with stress, spend time with God personally and grow spiritually.

Today was different though, I woke up at 4 am, but on my run the challenges and stresses of the day came to a head where my time of peace with just me and the early morning cars became a time of anxiety as I worried though every challenge of the day. Every step this morning took me one step closer to the inevitable start of the day where I would have to meet my challenges head on.

My run finished and I sat down to read my bible. As I read, God convicted my heart. I’m currently reading through the book of acts on my way through the whole of scripture. In the passage I read this morning Peter was placed and released from prison. The authorities of his day attempted to use the time in prison to intimidate Peter to stop speaking about Jesus. Peter responded “We must obey God rather than men.”

At the moment I read Peter ‘s response my heart was moved to understand how I should deal with the stresses that I attempted to bear alone on my run. I was convicted that it is not my place to have all the answers. My place is to follow God with all of my heart and let God handle all of the challenges of the day.

Scripture never indicates that Peter worried about being freed from jail. Scripture does though, point to Peter’s heart being bond up in following God alone.

It’s Sunday morning. Today both you and I have a choice as we meet with God’s church. We can either focus and worry about what’s coming next, or we can focus our hearts and our minds solely on Jesus Christ.

All my worrying did this morning was ruin a peaceful run. I know that God is able and ready to deal with any challenge that comes. My job is simply to stop focussing on myself and start focussing on God.

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