Why Would God Allow Pain To Exist?

Pain is inevitable. Sickness is unavoidable. If there is one common thread that connects us as people it is that no man is immune from the deep pain associated with sickness. Think about it, every person is or will struggle with some sort life threatening illness. In fact, I think we can all point to someone close to us struggling at this moment.

Right now I am living a life mostly marked by health. That said, at some point I know my health will fail me and I will struggle through pain.

This week at church we are going to look at pain and a God who heals. Latter in the week I will talk about God’s purpose and will for healing, but today I want to ask the question, why is there pain at all?

Why are some children born with little to no chance to see their teenage years. Why is cancer so prevalent? Why do so many people feel the effects of Alzheimer’s? Why would God create or even allow such sickness to exist?

To understand pain and sickness it is necessary to understand the very beginning of the bible. God created the world good. There was no pain, no heartache, just man and woman living at peace with God and creation. Everything changed when man rejected God’s plan and ate from the one tree of thousands which God forbid.

In the one selfish, idolatrous act, man (not God) invited sin and death into the world. Man’s body moved from a body of life to a body ruled by death. The world moved from a world of life to a world ruled by death.

Why do we have pain? We have pain because we live in a world under the curse and rule of death. One day a great doctor will find the cure for cancer and the next moment a new disease will emerge far mor harsh and debilitating. Why? Disease will always exist because there is no human cure for a world under the dominion of death. Eventually we will all die.

Is there hope. YES! The hope for humanity lies in the God who created this world perfect. The only way to redeem man from the rule of sin and death was for God himself to take man’s place. God came to this earth, died a gruesome death and conquered it by rising from the dead 3 days later. One day he is going to come back and make all things new. There will be no more pain and no more heartache. He is going to restore His creation to it’s original intent. What he asks of us is that we would believe in him.

Are you dealing with pain? God care for you. This pain you feel is momentary. The sickness that you are struggling with is temporary. Look forward. Soon, God is going to restore his creation.

One Comment

  1. Stephen

    My co-workers hate my black and white thinking but here is my answer…pain exists for the glory of God.

    Love the post, Wes. Looking forward to the day of Christ's return. Thanks for the encouragement.


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