A Chance Encounter

I learned a big lesson yesterday. I learned that as much as I plan ministry, often ministry is found in the chance encounter.

Yesterday I was checking my mail at our small communities mail box when one of my neighbors whom I had met once came running out to see me. I could tell he was upset and hurting. He jumped straight into what he was thinking. “When we met, you told me you were a preacher, right?” I responded that I was. He then began to tell me of another neighbor, one of his close friends, who was going through a severe physical trial. On top of this, the neighbor’s wife was also going through intense cancer treatments. I took a moment to pray for our common neighbor. I talked with my new friend and we went our ways.

Here is the great lesson I learned. Whether young or old, people are hurting and looking for hope. My greatest opportunities for Jesus are found by being a good neighbor and friend to those living around me. I have no doubt that I had a divine appointment to be at my mailbox yesterday afternoon. God is working and I simply need to have my eyes open to Him.

Friends, our greatest opportunities may be right in front of us. Our neighbors are all going through ups and downs in life looking for hope. The question is, when God’s divine appointments arise will we be willing to give hope.

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