My Second Marathon, The Frankenthon

We did it! After 9 months of training, countless mornings of waking up before the sun and many long runs, Jennifer and I completed our second marathon! We ran our second marathon, named the Framkenthon, in Cedar Park, Texas.

The Frankenthon was a three lap, hilly course that defiantly challenged both the body and the mind. It was quite different from our first race. Disney had its hills, but there were costumed Disney characters throughout the race to cheer you on. The Frankenthon was different in that it was an extremely small field of runners with very little fan support. Most of the race felt as if Jenn and I were running it alone.

Though I have been running seriously for two years now, these long races still seem like a big deal to me. After setting a personal record on the Frankenthon course, my amazement was not on my time but instead it was on the fact that I had just run twenty six point stinking two miles. Yes, we did stink for for all those miles.

Looking back, getting ready for a marathon has very little to do with the endurance of an immense amount of miles on one day. The marathon is won every day I get out and train. It has very little to do with race day and everything to do with that Monday morning when you body hasn’t fully recovered from a long run and you push it to run 3 miles.

I find my motivation in looking forward to the race. The marathon is simply the carrot to get me to going every day. What I do is take an image from the race and place it on every iPad, computer screen and phone screen I have. I use this as motivation to always have my goal in front of me. Every day is pushing my body to the next goal.

Today is Freedom Sunday at our church. What is Freedom Sunday? It is a day of our church taking a step towards a greater goal. We are looking to pay down our debt with a substantial offering this Sunday. Will it pay off all of the debt? Probably not. Will we be closer to our long term goal of financial freedom after this week? Absolutely.

In the same way that no one wakes up and decides to run a marathon, except maybe Kenyans, our church can’t just magically get out of debt. What our church must do is look forward to the day when our money can go to ministry instead of interest. What we do now is give sacrificially, working constantly to get to our goal, financial freedom. Before we know it, because of days of sacrifice, like this one, we will be at our goal and our church will be able to run the race God has called us to, reaching out to our community free from any constraint of debt.

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