What God Did At Freedom Sunday!

I was blessed to be the pastor of Memorial Baptist Church yesterday. Why? Yesterday our church took a HUGE step towards financial freedom.

Our church has been struggling with our debt for roughly the past 12 years. Yesterday I asked our church to give sacrificially, and I prayed that God would work in a way that we couldn’t take credit for it. Both happened. In one Sunday we moved 3 months closer to being free of our debt. When we add that to the building fund that our finance team unanimously agreed to release for our debt we are 8 months closer to financial freedom. Wow!

Yesterday, after our congregation gave to God, I helped to draw a picture of why we needed to make the commitment to be out of debt. We pay as a church a substantial portion of our budget towards our building loan. My heart is that soon we could take the money we were spending on building debt and use it for investing into our community. Deep down our church exists for a greater purpose than making a payment and putting on a service. Our church exists to reach people who don’t know Jesus and lead them to Him. Yesterday we took a step in that direction.

God has wonderful plans for Memorial Baptist. I’m so glad I got to be a part of our church’s commitment to be a part of those plans!

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