I Believe You Should Vote For…

I know you have been sitting on the edge of your seat for this. Today is the day I am going to endorse who I believe will be the savior of our nation. Today is the day I am going to let you know who I believe will bring hope to our broken country. Today is the day I will announce which leader is the most powerful man in the known world. Today, I am going to tell you that this man will not become the president of the United States. Only one man can truly give hope, Jesus Christ.
Last Night while watching the debate, Mitt Romney made a peculiar statement. He said that America was the hope of the world. This statement made me quite uncomfortable. Why? There is no nation who can fill the shoes of Jesus. Many nations have tried, but in the end no nation is God.
I know, I know, this candidate was not meaning eternal hope, but I think this singular statement hits at the core of what most of us believe about politics. Deep down we get wrapped up in politics to the degree that a candidate becomes a god or idol to us. There are many men and women who look to President Obama for their worth. They are tied emotionally to him. When someone criticizes him, they take personal offense. The same is true for Mitt Romney. Many people look Gov. Romeny and believe that his election would help us to return to being  a Christian nation.
No party holds the monopoly on God’s favor. No party can say that they are distinctly Christian. In fact, I believe in this election there is no candidate who is a Christian. (Just FYI I do not believe Pres. Obama is a Muslim). Both candidates hold to pseudo Christian world views. President Obama is shaped by a poverty gospel that looks much like the true gospel but is not. If I were to pin down the President’s theology it would be somewhere between moralistic therapeutic deism and enlightenment driven secularism.  Mitt Romney on the other hand is a committed Mormon.   Mormonism is a cult and is not Christianity. Deep down Mormonism believes that Jesus was just a normal guy who lived such an exceptional life that he got to be the god or our planet. Mormons believe that if you, based on your good works and not faith, live a good enough life, you too can become god of a planet.
But Wes, saying this about a candidate could hurt their chances of getting elected. Even Billy Graham has softened his position on both candidates’ religious positions.
 Why am I getting involved in this? I am writing this because the hope of our country is not in Washington, it is in the gospel.  Politics are a cheap substitute for the gospel.  
How do we respond to this race?
1. We vote. I will always vote for the candidate who will do the most to help the weakest in our society. I will always vote based on who will protect children in the womb. You should too.
2. We should realize that God is in control and that he raises up both wicked and just rulers for His will. His call for us is to respect, honor and be subject to our elected officials, even if we didn’t vote for them. (Romans 13, Titus 3, 1 Peter 2)
3. We should pray for our rulers. My specific prayer is that God would open the eyes of our next president to the true gospel of Jesus and that they might trust Him by faith. (1 Tim 2)
4. Finally, our response to our election is to realize that the hope our country desperately needs won’t be found in the White House. The hope our country needs will be in the gospel. In this hope we don’t need to wait 4 years to rally around it. We have this hope today!  Our country can turn back to God, but it won’t happen in an election booth. Our country will turn back when we focus our time and energy back to the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ.
This election season perhaps there is a commitment we as Christians should make greater than voting. Perhaps the commitment for us is that we would be just as passionate about the gospel as we are about politics. 

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