The Crazy Claim Of Christianity

The claim of a Christian is a strange claim. We are a group of people who believe that Jesus Christ is The God of creation’s Son. In fact, we believe that Jesus, who lived in human flesh actually was part of creating the world. Take a moment and think through this with me…


What if this Sunday morning a man walked into you church. He dressed normally like everyone else. He had nothing striking about his appearance so that you would remember him. He was simply you average looking guy. What if this Sunday, this average Joe got asked your preacher to get up and say a few words. What if, when he got up, he simply said, “I am God.”

How would you react? What would you say? Honestly most of us would be so shocked that any one would have the audacity that we would simply be speechless.

This is what Jesus did. On several occasions he showed up among the religious leaders got up and made the central claim of being God. What would seem crazy today probably seemed just a crazy back then. A man was claiming to be God.

We as Christians believe some crazy stuff. We actually believe that Jesus Christ was God himself. For us the question isn’t whet here it makes sense or not, it is whether it is true or not. Can we prove it? No. No matter what shrouds, what archeological evidence or what inscriptions we find there is no way we can prove that a man who existed some 2000 years ago was actually God. We may prove that Jesus existed, but we will never be able to prove that he was fully God and fully man.

This is where faith begins. We are called to believe something so far out of the box that it is beyond logic. We are called to believe the extraordinary. For me, I believe that Jesus Christ was actually God himself. Do you?

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