The Reason For The Season

Christmas is finally here! At least the Christmas season is finally here. I can’t wait to walk into to our church to see the beautifully decorated trees, the wreaths hanging in the sanctuary and all the reds and greens that point us to the very day when God intervened and changed the world some 2000 years ago.

The decorations won’t be the only special things about this morning though. This morning we will also be taking the Lords Supper as a church. Why? One cannot celebrate God coming to this earth as a baby without understanding why He came. Jesus Christ was born about 2000 years ago so that he would die. Jesus Christ was born so that he would be the perfect and final sacrifice for the sins of all men.

It is quite easy this time of year to get wrapped up in the charm of Christmas while missing the point of Christmas. From now till December 25, my calendar is full of parties, church functions and family celebrations. In these weeks I will eat far more than a healthy amount of sweets and will open any number of presents. What I must guard against though is getting so caught up in the season that I miss The entire point of it. Jesus Christ was born to die so that both you and I can live. Merry Christmas. God has sent His son into this world so that you might live!

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