God Speaks

I may try something new at church today. I may try preaching by telekinesis. I think I may just get up on the stage, look down at my notes, think through my entire sermon and hopefully men will be able to read my mind and know what I’m thinking. That would work, right? No? I have to actually, physically and audibly communicate my sermon for people to understand?

As funny as it would seem for a preacher to get up to a pulpit and not preach, the point is simple, unless I speak, my hours of preparation are wasted. Unless I communicate with audible words, no one hears the sermon. This Sunday I am going to physically and audibly communicate God’s word to my congregation.

Today we are looking to see how God chose to reveal himself to this world. From the very beginning scripture leads us to understand that God spoke the world into existence. Like a painter bears their soul on a canvas, so God communicated who he was when he spoke each part of our world out of nothing. God showed his creativity, love and justice from the very beginning as his words formed the way the world worked. When we look around at the world we see God’s nature in full display.

God wasn’t done speaking at creation. When God spoke the world into existence he did it knowing fully well that man, His prized creation, would rebel against Him and need saving. From the moment man sinned God began to speak in a new way. He spoke by giving men the law so that they might see how they needed Him. He spoke by giving them prophets who would fix men’s eyes on a coming hope of redemption. God communicated his great purpose that he had planned from before creation, His greatest revelation of Himself.

From the creation to the law to prophecy, these things were just small things compared to what God was going to do. God chose to reveal himself ultimately by taking on our flesh Himself and coming with the distinct purpose of redeeming us men who had rebelled against Him. In this he died in our flesh so that we might live with Him.

The Word has become flesh!


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