New Year’s Day!

Happy New Year!!!

It is a New Year, 2012 is gone 2013 is here. For most of us the New Year’s Day is simply another date on the calendar. It is a break from work, a little extra time off. As we celebrate this holiday the our natural inclination is to think of it as a day to reset out lives. Over the past few days most of us have looked back over the past year. As we look back we see many joys, some sorrow and a bit of regret. For most of us New Year’s Day is a day to start over. We dream forward to 2013 and we ask what can be different. We ask what we can change in ourselves to learn from the regrets of another year passed.

Let me encourage you to get one thing right in 2013. Though that treadmill is important, there are other priorities you should get straight first. The most important area of your life to get straight is your relationship with God.

Today is the first day of the Pastor’s Challenge. The Pastor’s challenge is to read the entire bible through in one year. Let me encourage you to take 30 minutes every morning to study God’s word. Start by praying. Ask God to show you something new about him as you read daily. Then read. As you are reading use a highlighter or a pen and underline verses that stick out to you. After reading, go back to one of those verses and take a moment to think about it. The last thing I want you to do is journal what you learned.

Here is an example…

Today I read Genesis 1-3. The entire Bible starts with “In the beginning God”. God created the world good for me to enjoy. He created the world to be lived in. He created the world to show me who He is. As I live, I cannot escape that God has revealed himself to me through both scripture and and creation. I pray that over this next year I might live in such a way that God is first and enjoy him as he created me to do.

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