What A Difference A Day Makes

It’s day two of the Pastor’s Challenge. Things sure have changed. Yesterday when I read the account of creation, the overarching theme was that the world God created was good. Every step along the way God spoke a new part of the world into existence and then spoke that it was good. What a difference a day makes. Today our reading is filled with murder and corruption. In today’s reading the world had become so corrupt that God wiped it away with a flood.

If I learned anything today it is to not underestimate how serious sin is. From the moment that Eve took a bite of the forbidden fruit, the world changed drastically. The world moved from the good place that displayed the life God gives to a sinful place that displays the death sin brings. Within one generation… ONE, man moved from walking and talking with God to murder. Within just a few generations men moved from walking and talking with God to a point where God brings judgement and starts over.

As we look around at our world today, we don’t have to look far to see the effects of living in a world under the control of sin and death. We live in a time where kids play out murderous fantasies on video games. A person cannot turn on the tv without seeing the preview of the next Hollywood blockbuster of a deranged and horrific fantasy. We live in a time where school shootings are becoming normal. We live in a time where thousands of babies are murdered every day without the chance to breathe their first breath. We live in a time that fully shows the world of sin and death. Where is there hope in all of this chaos?

One of the great themes of the Old Testament is the theme of a remnant. Despite the wickedness of the world around, God preserves men because momentary morality is not His plan. What is God’s plan? It is to bring about redemption. His plan is to rescue men from the mess they created in their constant lust for sin. Chapter by chapter we will meet different characters, some righteous and some less than righteous who are called by God. These men are not called to be saviors, but instead they are called to be apart of a flawed line to a true Savior. God’s eventual plan is for He Himself to become a man, so that through his sacrificial gift on a roman cross, we might find life in this world controlled by death.

In today’s reading we meet Seth and Noah. Seth and Noah point to God’s big plan to save us from our own wicked hearts and actions.


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