We Are Not That Far From Sodom

The Bible is a graphic book. It is graphic in its documentation of the condition of man kind. It is graphic in showing the judgement of God. It is graphic in showing how fallen and hopeless it’s heroes are. Think about it, in today’s reading (Genesis 17:15-19:38), we see a mob looking to rape Lot and we see Lot’s very children sleeping with their father. On top of that we see God destroy a city and Lot’s wife who longingly looked back at her former home. The Bible is graphic.

Why is the Bible so brutally graphic? It is purposely and specifically graphic so that you can see the depravity of mankind, how just the judgement of God is and how desperately we need a savior. In our account of history today we see a city so wicked that visitors to a town are treated as fresh meat to be consumed. It is to this society  God chose to show that the wages of sin is death, yet if just 10 people were righteous God would have saved the city. It gets better, if there was one character in this city who didn’t follow the practices of Sodom it was Lot, yet we see by his own children’s actions that Sodom had infiltrated the family. That is how wicked sodom was. In Sodom we come to understand how truly wicked men are. In Sodom we also see God save a family who did not deserve it.

God has not come to tweak a relatively good society. He has not come to make every day a Friday. God has come to save and transform a world under the control of sin whose actions deserve death. The Bible is graphic about what happened 4000 thousand years a go so that we are under no false perceptions about today. The world we live in is just as wicked. In the past year we have had a man kill 20 kindergarten children, in that, our nation cringed. In the past year we  saw our President promote the need to recognize homosexuality as an acceptable form of a family unit, when that happened, half our nation cringed. In the past year over 1 million children were murdered in the name of choice and sadly most of our nation yawned. We are living in a new Sodom.

Friends, watch the warnings from scripture. Our God is the same yesterday as he is today and there will be a day where we will have to face the consequences four our nations choices.

Is there hope? YES. Our hope is found in God “who demonstrated His own love for us in this, that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” I deserve and you deserve the same consequences as Sodom. Jesus Christ took both the physical and spiritual punishment on the cross. When I see Sodom I should cringe because I see what I deserve and I also see what God absorbed on my behalf.

Judgement is coming for all men. The question in the day of judgement is who are you looking to for hope. When God rescued Lot and his family from Sodom, He did not rescue a righteous family, he redeemed a sinful family. Every member who set their eyes on God’s promise escaped the punishment that they deserved. Then there is Lot’s wife, who set her eyes backward away from the hope of God’s deliverance. In one single act, she chose to place here eyes on her old life instead of on the promise of God and in this action she suffered the same fate as the city longed for.

Today you must make a choice, to fix your eyes and trust in your heart God who desires to redeem you from the just coming wrath of your sin or to set your eyes back to the sins that pull at your heart and face a judgement that will be sure. Fix your eyes on Jesus today.

***If you would like to join me and Memorial Baptist Church as we read through the Bible in a year, please like Memorial Baptist Church of Pasadena Texas on Facebook. Readings are posted weekly on the that page.

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