Pray In Confidence

When we begin to pray in faith to be apart of the big plan of God, God will answer our prayers.

Most of us pray to safe. We pray in such a way that we will not be let down if God does not answer. We pray so that anybody could answer our prayers. Over the past year, God has been teaching me how to pray.

When we had a Sunday dedicated to paying down our building debt, God put on my heart to challenge our church to give abundantly. I prayed constantly that God would not only bring in that much, but that he would bring in an abundance beyond our goal. God answered by bringing in nearly double our goal. God answered prayer.

I have prayed over the past year that God would unify our church and give us a common mission. I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the unity and common vision at our church have come only from God. God answered prayer.

My most recent prayer that I pray every Sunday as I walk through our building and pray over every class in the mornings is that God would make our church look like our neighborhood. I can tell you that I can taste the first fruits of God’s answer and that I have full confidence that God will move our church to reflect the neighborhood that we live in. God answers prayer.

Today we are reading Genesis 23-24. Warning, Genesis 24 is a long chapter. In Genesis 24 Abraham sends his servant to find a wife for his son Isaac. As the servant arrives at Nahor he prays one of the most specific prayers I have ever seen. He prayed in God’s will and in faith that God would show him Isaac’s wife and that it would be crystal clear. Would you believe it, down to the very detail God answered the prayer.

We pray to safely. When we pray we often pray with doubt that God will answer. Over and over in scripture, God assures us that our prayers are heard and answered by God.

Today, take some time to pray specific big prayers. Pray in faith knowing that God is alive and that His desire is to move His plan forward and for Him to work.

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