God Is Not Karma

We don’t always understand how a God works in our lives. Our place is to simply trust him in all circumstances.

One of the great delusions we as Christians have is that when God works it is always for our momentary benefit. We think that if we live good lives, try our best to follow God then he will open doors to make our lives better as a reward. When things go bad we wonder what we have done wrong that we are being punished. In this view we treat God like he is karma.

God is constantly working moving his plan forward. God desires for both you and I to be apart of that plan. At the end of this plan is eternal life and peace with Him. With all of that said, in this plan God will call us to follow Him through easy days and He will call us to follow Him through difficult days. Ease is not a sign of God’s favor.

In our reading today (Genesis 42-44) God is using a famine to reunite a family and move them to Egypt so that a nation might be born. Looking forward, in a few days we will discover that this journey into Egypt, which was apart of God’s big plan, will lead the children of Jacob to becoming slaves, which believe it or not, was also apart of God’s big plan.

God moved His plan forward through raising up Joseph to become 2nd only to pharaoh as well as through the eventual captivity and slavery of his children. Momentary comfort or privilege is not the end of God’s big plan. The end of God’s big plan is Jesus Christ, his conquering of death and his return to bring His people back to God.

We don’t know what lies ahead of us. No person looks forward and prays for famine and slavery. No person wishes to be apart of God’s plan when it means suffering. Suffering though may not signal God’s absence. It may just be another step in His plan.

Are you willing to follow God today? If following means slavery and suffering will you be content in His plan? Do not look at the victory of today for that may not be God’s plan. Instead look forward to the day God calls us home. Rejoice because any momentary suffering is nothing compared to the joy and peace that await us in Heaven.

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