What Is Going On?

Trusting God does not always mean we can make sense of the world around us. More often than not we must take a step of faith.

It seems the world is changing more rapidly these days than ever before. It is changing both in its technological capabilities and in its moral leanings. About the time I feel like I get a grasp of where we are, a curve ball is thrown and I am just dumbfounded. I don’t think I would have ever seen the day when a minister of the gospel would have been asked to step down from giving an invocation because he believes what the bible says about homosexuality. It has happened. When I listen and hear my friends talk about this nation, I think the common phrase said over and over is that they no longer recognize the country that they live in.

As I read Genesis 45-47 this morning I saw a blue print where an entire nation of people moved from freedom to slavery all within a matter of a few years. God had set Joseph up over Egypt and Joseph provided both food for the people and greater power for Pharaoh. Joseph traded much needed food for farms and freedom. It is at this moment that we normally celebrate Joseph because he had risen to such a high place of power, but in the grand scheme of the story we come to understand the very empire Joseph built would come to enslave his family as well.

Where was God when people were willingly walking into their own slavery? Where was God when an empire was growing that would eventually swallow Joseph’s own family? God was raising the nation of Egypt up so that He might tear it down leaving its rulers and gods empty.

It is easy to ask where is God in this time in our country. With sins that God calls abominations becoming accepted practices it is hard to see God’s hand. When the President talks about protecting every child’s life while denying the million plus children life who are aborted every year it is hard to see where God is.

God is bigger than we realize. He is bigger than what is happening around us and He is bigger than our nation. Just as God was working out a bigger plan with the nation of Egypt so He is with us today. As tough as it is, we must trust God in this raging storm and realize that He is far more powerful than we realize and has far more control that we give Him credit for.

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