Sin Is Slavery

No matter how you look at it, sin is slavery. You are held captive to sin and as hard as you work to free yourself, you are stuck. That is why God sent you a redeemer.

This year most of my blog is dedicated to what I call The Pastor’s challenge. It is a study through the entire bible. Yesterday we exited out of Genesis and began the book of Exodus. Exodus is quite a turn from Genesis. In Genesis we leave the children of Jacob in Egypt. At that time they are nearly royalty. Joseph had attained a position of power second only to Pharaoh and his family enjoyed the perks. Exodus takes a turn so radical you almost get whiplash. In Exodus we see a new Pharoah who does not know Joseph, but instead sees the children of Jacob as untapped working potential. In Exodus, we see the a group of people move from royalty to slavery.

Exodus is a book with bigger issues than just telling a historical account. Exodus lays out God’s blue print for saving the human race. Here is the blue print. 1. We are enslaved. 2. God sends a redeemer to lead us out so that we might worship Him. 3. We are called to place the blood of an unblemished lamb above our dwellings. 4. It is ultimately God’s might that leads us out of our bondage.

This morning as I read I couldn’t help but stop to be grateful for what God has done in Jesus Christ as I saw myself in the place of the Israelites. They were a people under brutal slavery. Their master was so brutal that any attempt at freedom was met with a piling on of work so that there was no time to look for hope.

The same is true today. We are enslaved in sin. The deceiver is far more wicked and brutal than we realize. The moment we begin to look for hope, the deceiver begins to pile sins one on top of another on us to keep our eyes in shame and away from hope.

God is bigger than any master that claims lordship over us. He has the power to remove us from any sin we serve. What we will come to see in this book is that God will show the vanity of false gods, lords and men. He will work in such ways that no man can claim credit for the victory.

Sin is slavery. God frees men from slavery so that they might worship Him.

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