When I Don’t Trust

Wen God gives, He doesn’t give based on what we deserve, He gives by grace. When God gives it is not conditional on what we do, but He gives so that His plan might be fulfilled.

Every Monday during lunch I get “the email”. I have to tell you, the moment my phone dings I pick it up and look at the the bottom line. What is this oh so important email you ask? It is the Sunday stats email. Sadly, this email will set the tone for the rest of the day. I know what you are thinking “Wes, you tell me that our church doesn’t exist to make money, why would the Sunday stats affect you so greatly?” My very human response would probably be to tell you that though our church doesn’t exist to make money, it won’t exist if we don’t pay our building loan.

Here is the bottom line. I Wes Faulk, Pastor of Memorial Baptist Church, have a hard time trusting God when it comes to the practicalities of ministry. I have seen God open the storehouse and double an building goal that I thought was a challenge to reach. I have seen God bring men to trust Him that whose hearts were cold to Him. I have seen healing and I have seen miracles. In all of the evidence that God has given, I still struggle to trust.

This morning in our pastor’s challenge (Exodus 14-16) the people of Israel began their journey out of Egypt. As the people travel throughout the rest of this book what we will see is a God who provides over and over and a people who doubt and then grumble. This morning they sat on one side of the Red Sea watching an army from Egypt bear down on them. Their response was to pray to God for deliverance and then groan to Moses that they were going to die. God was good, he opened the Red Sea, brought the people of Israel through and then swallowed the people army of Egypt. God did this not because of the steadfast faith of the Israelites, they thought they were going to die, but instead because of His own plan and grace.

I would have made an excellent Israelite in Moses’ day. I pray that God would provide and then groan when I get the Sunday stats. What I realized as I read this morning was that I don’t trust God with everything. God will always provide for His people and move His plan forward. I simply need to trust Him and be grateful for what He gives.

We all struggle to trust God in the practicalities of life. What do you struggle with? How can you move from a place of doubt and groaning to a place of faith and gratitude?

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