Don’t Get Lost In Leviticus

It is easy to get lost in the details of Leviticus. Leviticus helps us to see our sinfulness and more importantly a savior who fulfilled every sacrifice we as men were called to make.

I have attempted to read the bible through every year since I was in college. In every attempt I think I can say that I was about 90% successful in my venture. There are points every year that I just get to and just grow discouraged as I read.

I love reading through the narrative portions of scripture where we are tracking through the story of Jesus. I really thrive through the letters of Paul and Peter. My struggle is always working through the detail centered passages of the Old Testament. When I begin to read the case law or through the sacrificial commands my head just spins as I try to absorb detail after detail.

Today in the Pastor’s challenge we looked at the different sacrifices God called us to. They are: 1. The burnt offering 2. The grain offering 3. The peace offering 4. The Sin offering 5. The Trespass offering.

I don’t know about you, but as I read through them I just felt exhausted in the call of the priest to constantly be offering sacrifices for the sake of the people. The simple point is that no amount of animal blood would have been enough to cover the sins of the people and make them right before God. By the time a sacrifice was given, a new sin would have been committed and the high priest would have had to gone back over and over to make atonement for a fallen group of people.

Just as God created the law as unattainable so that we would look to Him for our righteousness, he also created the sacrificial system as insufficient so that we would look to Him for atonement.

As you read through the book of Leviticus read it in this way: we are called to offer __________ for doing __________ and Jesus Christ fulfilled it on the cross. Just as Jesus is the great Hero of the OT story, he is also the perfect fulfillment of the altar, the perfect sacrifice for our sin.

Neither you nor I need to travel to Jerusalem to offer sacrifices in the temple. Why? The temple has served it’s purpose, pointing us to Jesus the once for all time sacrifice for sin. In this His Spirit resides within us, God’s intended temple, and as The Spirit constantly intercedes for us, we stand with confidence before God because we stand not in our sacrifice or good works, but instead covered by the blood of Christ.

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