My 3AM Visit

This morning I was woken up earlier than usual. I wake up normally at 4am on Sundays, but my dear daughters made sure it was 3am. What compelled them to come into my bedroom at this awful hour? They were scared of the storm outside. We sent them back to bed, but the damage was done, I was up.
Sitting and reading next to my back window I could see where my girls got scared. The wind was howling and the house was creaking. To tell you the truth, the weather outside spooked me a bit.
I’ve been thinking about storms all week. This morning at church we are talking about how Jesus calms the storms we are in. Most of us stand in the same place as my kids when a storm hits. Sure every storm is different, but deep down we are scared and looking for dad to calm our fears and calm the storm.
Since becoming a pastor I have had my eyes opened to sorrow. I have come to realize that almost every person, whether in church or not is carrying some sort of pain. Some are willing to share that pain while others simply hold it back hoping it goes away. From cancer, to a death in the family to marital problems, to kids to jobs every person has a storm that is whirling around them.
When a storm hits we all react in different ways. Some people react in anger or bitterness to the storm not knowing why they would have to go through it. Some people move in to depression in a storm losing all hope of getting through it. Some people are callous in a storm attempting to be strong through it. For me, I try to fix the storm.
In today’s story, The disciples are being tossed from one wave to the next. As experienced fishermen, this was more than they bargained for. At one moment, they look out for any kind of help and they see Jesus literally walking on water to them. In the midst of the storm they find peace because they find Jesus.
Today, we all are carrying the fear and trepidation of living in a storm. In this storm we are looking everywhere for any kind of help. Trough the storm Jesus has come to us. We can have peace because in the midst of any storm Jesus has come to be with us.

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