Disney Vices

It’s no secret — the Faulks love Walt Disney World. When we sit down to plan a vacation, we have very little debate – Walt Disney World or bust.
Why are we so addicted to this one location of fun? I think the Disney song says it all: “Any wish your heart desires, your dream will come true.” Walt Disney World is designed to cater to any hobby, love, or addiction one has. Don’t believe me?
Are you a golfer? Disney has multiple golf courses with sand traps resembling Mickey Mouse heads. Are you a NASCAR fan? You can drive a stock car or any other number of luxury automobiles around Disney’s own race style track. Do you run? You can go to one of many Disney races ranging distances from 3 to 26.2 miles.  Disney has it all.
Still don’t believe me? Do you have kids? Whether you have boys or girls, you can spend hours and hours riding ride after ride with them. Do you love roller coasters? Disney’s got them. Do you like non Baptist drinks? You can take a tour of EPCOT’s world showcase sampling brews from every land. Are you a collector? Disney can fill your needs with pins, figures, and any other limited edition collectibles.
Each one of the Faulks love Walt Disney World for a different reason.
Emma, our youngest daughter, loves walking around Walt Disney World believing she is one of the Disney princesses. For Emma, Disney has the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, a place where little girls and a few creepy grown ups can go to have their hair fixed by a fairy godmother into princess hairstyles.
Ana is a bit different.  She loves the slapstick style shows. Her favorite show is one where Donald Duck is launched via an angry tuba across the auditorium into the back wall. Fortunately for us, Ana’s cup of tea is Disney rides and shows that don’t cost any extra.
Jennifer, my wife, is our nostalgist. She really gets into the history of Walt Disney World. Her favorite rides are the park originals, favorite souvenirs (outside of purses) are Disney artifacts, and walks around the park appreciating how Disney was designed. For Jennifer, Disney has created backstage tours where you can learn how Disney works.
Me?  I go to Disney for one reason alone. I go for the Disney dining plan. Disney did not settle for standard theme park food, instead raising the bar for us foodies. The Disney dining plan is a plan where you pre pay for your food, thereby freeing you to fill yourself to the max. The cheapest plan gives you two meals a day which include drink, entrée, and dessert while also giving you a snack credit to be spent on anything from fudge to a chocolate shake. YUM.
Disney has figured out how to cash in on all of our desires.  From collectibles to food, Disney has learned that every person seeks fulfillment in some way, shape, or form. Disney’s goal is really to fulfill “any dream your heart desires, your dream will come true.”
Yesterday we talked about settling for temporal fulfillments when we can have an eternal fulfillment in Jesus. Each of us has desires in our lives that we attempt to fill in ways that will leave us empty. I can see how many (and sometimes myself) use Disney as a means of fulfillment.  I know for us, we can’t use the happiest place on earth to fill the void we have for eternal happiness. Where do you go and what do you do to fill the need for fulfillment?
Is it wrong to go to Disney? No. What is wrong is when one uses Disney to fill what only God can. Is it wrong to enjoy life, food, money, or entertainment? No. These things become sin only when we use them to be gods in our lives.
Enjoy the life God has given you, but enjoy it in HIM. 

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