Yao Ming and JJ Watt

God calls us to a task so big that on our own we can’t accomplish it.
This past week while perusing my twitter feed (shameless plug) I saw a picture that just astounded me.
In Houston there is one player that has consumed this city’s imagination. JJ Watt came as a surprise to the Houston Texans. He was the understudy of the Texans 1st ever draft pick Mario Williams. When Watt came into the starting line up most of us wondered whether or not he would even be half as good as his predecessor. Then he played. Watt swatted down balls like he had tennis rackets for hands and plowed over lineman like they we peewee football players. There is no other athlete in Houston that stands as big and as intimidating as Watt does. He is the biggest show in town. At least he was until all-star weekend. Then this picture was taken.
 JJ Watt just looks like a kid compared to the massive Yao Ming. I guess the lesson is that perspective changes everything.
It is easy to think how big and strong you are until you are placed next to something greater and in that moment you realize that it is not the case.
At Memorial Baptist Church we have seen quite a turnaround over the last few years. I love it! As our church begins to move in the right direction we must me cautious that we don’t grow complacent. Yesterday afternoon I sat down and looked at our church and then looked at scripture.  What I found as I looked at scripture was how far we still have to go. In fact, it is a journey that will last us our lives. God has given the church a TALL command and we must daily reform ourselves to meet that command.
Where are we now? We have values and a mission. Our next step is to act those out. This coming March we begin training to meet our community. If you have not signed up, then just show up. We will be in the fellowship hall at 5:00. At our church we are also taking steps to do ministry in community. I love hearing reports as our different Sunday School classes tell me about how they are planning to go out and meet needs. Big things are happening at MBC. JJ Watt big! That said, God has called us to Yao Ming big.
As we move forward we must be careful. This year we will take a HUGE step as a church.  God has much more in store for us as a church. We must be willing and ready for every step he calls us to.
Will you step towards the TALL order God has for us? Will you be willing to keep stepping, never growing complacent in what we have done?

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