4 1/2 Marathons in 4 1/2 Months

I did it! I completed 4 1/2 marathons in 4 1/2 months.

Jenn and I began our quest to reach this goal about a year ago. Originally we sat down and decided that we were going to attempt to run 2 marathons this year. We thought that it would be neat to run our home town marathons. For me, San Antonio and Jennifer, the Cowtown in Fort Worth. It was a meager goal. We thought we could build off of our one marathon last year and double it this year. (Just for clarities sake our racing year is October through February).

We decided to add our 3rd race as a warm up for the first. Clear as mud? We have read the advice of many runners who suggest that on your 20 mile training run you simply join a marathon and drop out after 20. Well, Jenn and I signed up for the Frankenthon Marathon with that specific plan. Then we decided that we were not going to run 20 miles which included a massive hill climbed 3 times and let 6 miles keep us from from finishing. Our training run turned into another marathon.

So now we were signed up for 3.

As many of you know Jenn and I are suckers for Disney World. It is our place of escape. Disney was also our first marathon. Our 4 1/2 marathon came by the genius of Disney marketing. This past year was the 20th anniversary of The Disney World Marathon and believe it or not, Disney produced a special medal just for this race. Jenn and I joked around for a wile about running it and then one day I told her “the only way I can justify the expense of running Disney again is if we do the Goofy Challenge”. You see, the Goofy Challenge is a two day 39.3 mile race. Day one you run 13.1 and day 2 you run the full marathon 26.2 miles. Whether it was smart or not, our goal kept growing.

At this point we had signed up for 4 1/2 marathons in 4 1/2 months. It was a far cry from the original goal of 2 in 4 1/2 months.

Today is the Cowtown Marathon. Jenn and I were supposed to run this one together. We’re not. Why? As marathoning is a sport mostly run on Sundays this pastor simply can’t stop going to work. Because of my work Jenn and I decided to go at this weekend’s races alone. I found the Surfside Marathon, one run on a Saturday, and Jenn would go on to run her hometown race.

At about 1:00 today Jenn will have finished her race. We will have finished our goal. 4 1/2 marathons sounds crazy. During training it sure seemed crazy. Looking back I am glad that we foolishly stepped into this crazy venture.


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