Why Are There So Many Laws?

There is a word that few people want to hear: no. No person likes being wrong. No person likes hearing that their actions are out of bounds.

Today in the pastor’s challenge we are working through Deuteronomy. It is a book full of God’s law.

Often when people think of the bible they think of a book listing all that is right and wrong. They believe Scripture’s main intent is to keep them down. This view of the Bible also shapes their opinion of God. If the Bible is a book full of dos and don’ts then God is a God sitting in heaven squashing our freedom.

So, is the Bible full of laws? Yes. Is the bible all about laws? No.

Why does the Bible give us so many rules to follow? It gives us rule after rule for the same reason I give my kids rule after rule, to protect them from themselves. As a parent I give my kids rules from don’t touch the stove to don’t scream at your sister. Do I do this to keep my kids down? Do I give them rules because I get a kick out of correcting them? No! I give them rules because I care for them enough to protect them.

God has given us many rules throughout scripture. As a loving father, his desire is not to keep us down, but instead to protect us from our own sinful and fallen natures. God wants us to have abundant life. When we live pursuing the life that God has revealed in scripture, then we will live abundantly. That said none of us will ever live up to the standard shown in Scripture.

We will mess up. There is no man who can keep all of God’s law. God’s intended life for you is not one you can accomplish on your own. Just as God’s word was created to protect you, he also gave his word to lead you back to Him. God’s intent when you break his law was for you to come back to Him for mercy.

God sent his only son to fulfill the law and take the punishment of our breaking the law so that we might freedom to follow God without worrying about the condemnation found in breaking the law.

Today friends God has called you to live abundantly. Go and live it!

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