My Family Deserves Better

Every pastor knows the order of priorities in His life. At least he should know what the order should be. He is to keep God first, family second and church third. In an ideal world, practicing this set of priorities would be a piece of cake. In the real world, it’s not so easy.
Recently I have been convicted about the priorities in my life. I hope that I have placed God first, but I know that I have begun to blur my second and third.
I am a believer in excellence. I believe that God deserves excellence in all that we do. I hold my ministry and my staff’s ministry to that expectation.
My trap in recent days is giving my family less than excellence. Every day I wake up between 4 am and 5 am. I wake up this early so that I might have 2-3 hours of uninterrupted time with God and in study. After my morning study time I go to the office and spend my time in the office both working on sermons and investing in people’s lives. Add to this schedule multiple night away from home because of church activities and much time spent at home finishing off what I didn’t finish in the office and you have my schedule. I can see clearly that I give my church excellence.
When I get home I am worn out. Generally I have dinner with my family, and then find my wallowing spot on the couch and put my self in neutral. I may be dwelling in the same house as my family, but I am not living in the same house as my family. My family deserves better.
I saw this pattern in my life about a week ago. Since then I have attempted to give my family better. At nights instead of coming home and just zoning out, I have attempted to give Jenn and my girls the best of me. This means that my efforts to give God and MBC excellence needs to be carried over to my family as well. Family is not just a passive relationship to be taken for granted, but instead it is a treasure to be invested in daily.
Friends, I know this is not just a struggle I have. I know this is a struggle most of us share. Will you commit with me to give your family the excellence you give your job?

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